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VaasaEmg Energy Reports


BIOMODE is a project program with the objective of promoting and demonstrating the traffic usage of biogas in Finland . The first phase of the program is now in operation. During the first phase, two regional infrastructures (the production, handling, distribution and usage of biogas) are established in Seinäjoki region and the region of Vaasa and Laihia, as well as an attempt to establish a connection with a project plan simultaneously running in Jyväskylä is made. More accurate planning and a number of background studies to do with eg quality control are also included in this phase. Additionally, the potential of the gas from waste disposal areas, the biogas potential of rural areas and the regional potential of other traffic bio fuels are studied. BIOMODE project program is coordinated by the Technology Centre of Merinova (Teknologiakeskus Merinova Oy). Vaasa Energy Institute is responsible for the practical implementation of the project. The project is funded by the town of Vaasa , the municipality of Laihia , Business Service Centre of Seinäjoki Region (Seinäjoen Seudun Elinkeinokeskus), VASEK (the Vaasa Region Development Company), Regional Council of Ostrobothnia (Pohjanmaan Liitto) and Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia (Etelä-Pohjanmaan Liitto).

The usage of biogas as traffic fuel does its share to respond to the near-future requirements of a more environmental course of action, increasing domestic, regional and local self-sufficiency as well as cost-management and better predictability. In order for the usage of biogas to increase, in addition to a functioning infrastructure it is required that the customers show acceptance and willingness to adopt new kinds of vehicles and to be committed to the usage of new kinds of fuels. VaasaEMG is involved in the BIOMODE project program by carrying out an extensive market study about these potential users of biogas.

When studying the possibilities of the traffic usage of biogas, it is essential to consider the attitudes and the opinions of the users and decision-makers right from the start. Attitudes can be favourable or non-favourable, and they can have a crucial impact on the decision-making process. The potential customers' need for information concerning the traffic usage of biogas must also be mapped in order to avoid the possible hindrances in the implementation of biogas caused by the lack of information and other possible misconceptions. Accurate and well-targeted information and marketing can promote the usage of biogas and accelerate the public acceptance of biogas as traffic fuel.

The research part of VaasaEMG in the BIOMODE project is scheduled to occur in two phases, the first of which was carried out during Spring 2008. During this first phase, the challenges and possibilities of the usage of biogas as a traffic fuel were studied with the means of desk-top research and expert interviews. Extensive interviews were also carried out amongst the companies within Vaasa and Laihia region that show the most potential as the users of biogas (companies with considerable fuel consumption yet mostly rather restricted regional usage of vehicles, such as companies involved in environmental management, distribution companies and driving schools). The second phase will be carried out in Autumn 2008 when the research will be expanded particularly geographically at least towards the direction of Seinäjoki.

VaasaEMG members responsible for this project: Merja Pakkanen and Nea Aspholm.