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If research is worth doing, it 
is worth doing well. Even if 
our work is based on strong academic knowledge, our 
research methods are very practical by nature.










VaasaEmg Energy Research

Research and Consultancy

VaasaEmg carries out extensive energy-related research and consultancy based on the research. The majority of our research is commissioned by companies, with tailor-made projects with completely confidential results to suit the companies' needs. Our objective is to carry out research in a practical manner with the results reported in a way that enables the companies to easily adopt them and apply them into practice. We also both carry out research projects for different organisations and officials in the energy sector and are involved in publicly funded research and development projects together with our cooperation partners. We employ the most appropriate methods for each research project, such as questionnaires, Internet-based questionnaires, telephone interviews, group interviews, personal interviews, expert interviews, desk-top research etc.

We have concentrated on the following topics in particular:

Marketing in the energy market

  • Consumer behaviour (eg customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, company switching behaviour, adopting innovations, adopting more environmental energy solutions, more efficient usage of energy...)

  • Business-to-business marketing (in addition to the above-mentioned, eg purchase processes, the functioning of the distribution channels, future needs)

  • The marketing strategies of the companies (eg image, available products and services, marketing communication, pricing etc.)

The functioning and development of the Energy Market

  • Energy prices and their development

  • The functioning of the market

  • The impact of changes (eg in legislation, regulation) on the market development and the participants in the field