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It takes extensive knowledge 
to succeed in energy markets. 
We have specialized in energy marketing research since 1998.

















VaasaEmg Energy Reports

Our people

The number of staff at VaasaEMG varies constantly, depending on the project situation. The people presented below are currently involved in VaasaEMG´s projects. We also employ several short-term research assistants. Additionally, VaasaEMG has the possibility to use the knowledgeable and experienced staff of both the Levon institute and the Vaasa Energy Institute for its projects.


Merja Pakkanen 
M.Sc. (Econ.)
Senior Researcher
VaasaEMG's Team Manager

Merja Pakkanen has been working at VaasaEMG since it was established in 1998. She has managed numerous research projects for energy companies and other organizations (eg. Finnish Ministry of Trade and Industry). She has specialized in the consumer behaviour research at the energy market and is preparing a doctoral thesis around this topic at the University of Vaasa.

Languages Spoken: Finnish, English 


Teemu Närvä 
M.Sc. (Econ.)
Publicity Manager

Teemu Närvä has specialized in price information at the energy market. He has worked at VaasaEMG since 2000 and has been responsible for the PriceWatch research project since it was started. He is also responsible for VaasaEMG's publicity and is our main contact person with media. 

Languages Spoken: Finnish, English 


Maria Tuuri 
B.Sc. (Econ.), M.Sc. Candidate
Research Assistant

Maria Tuuri studies marketing at the University of Vaasa . She has worked at VaasaEMG since autumn 2011 and works as a research assistant in several energy related research projects.

Languages Spoken: Finnish, English, Swedish

Martti Muroma 
Licentiate (Econ)

Martti Muroma is a brand management and marketing research expert. He is completing his doctoral thesis on the marketing strategies of electricity companies at the deregulated electricity market. Martti Muroma has been in VaasaEMG since it was established. In recent years he has mainly been a background support and has worked as an expert when needed.

Languages Spoken: Finnish, English, Swedish