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It takes extensive knowledge 
to succeed in energy markets. 
We have specialized in energy marketing research since 1998.

















VaasaEmg Outline

VaasaEMG – High quality & practical know-how of the field of energy

In order to be successful in the energy market one needs to acquire a more thorough understanding of the customer's needs, and respond to them. The energy market is a dynamic field, affected strongly by legislation, politics, economy and the demands and activeness of the customers, among others. Generally speaking, the energy market has been a field of little interest but we believe that this is changing. The constant rise of energy-related costs as well as the increasing concern of the environmental impacts of energy consumption force the legislators, politicians, media and citizens to ponder  on the usage of energy and the problems related to it even more.

VaasaEMG offers companies in the energy field a unique combination of academic skills, long practical experience and expertise which is a result of specialisation in a narrow sector. Additionally, VaasaEMG has a strong cooperation network.   

Academic skills

The personnel of VaasaEMG are academically educated. Each employee at VaasaEMG holds a Master of Science (Econ.) as marketing or international marketing majors. This education provides excellent qualifications to carry out quality hands-on projects. University studies not only give basic tools in order to handle and understand marketing questions but also teach critical thinking and encourage to seek alternative solutions. 

Hands-on experience

VaasaEMG has completed dozens of research projects after having been established in 1998. These projects entail various topics in the energy field, which gives hands-on expertise to the researchers for the execution new projects and the continuous expansion of know-how.


VaasaEMG has particularly specialised in doing research in the energy market. We have carried out diverse projects covering different kinds of topics related to energy with the term “energy” as the common denominator of them all. Whether it is a question of the consumers' motivation of switching or not switching their electricity suppliers, the households´ attitudes towards the maintenance of their oil heating systems, the companies´ attitudes towards the implementation of decentralised energy production or the development of electricity prices, VaasaEMG has the know-how to carry out research projects with expertise. When carrying out a research project, it is crucial to understand the nature of the researched subject, product or phenomenon as well as the context. It is also important to know the prevailing operational principles and other researchers, companies and organisations in the energy market.

Strong cooperation network

VaasaEMG is a team of a few people yet one of its strengths is close networking with other experts. In addition to having different researchers and research groups as cooperation partners both in Finland and abroad, VaasaEMG also has a strong local support from other experts at Vaasa Energy Institute and Levón Institute of the University of Vaasa . It is possible for VaasaEMG to carry out projects in cooperation with these local actors when supplementary resources are required.